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VSS-LE 1000
VSS is launching its new cost effective mobile DVR series product line called VSS-LE 1000 to offer new generation amazing functions to users with advanced technology
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VSS specializes in computerised surveillance systems for vehicles or other mobile & remote uses - with onboard video recordings and/or streaming (transmitting) video/audio from vehicle mounted cameras - via GPRS / 3G / CDMA while stationary or on the move - as well as GPS / 3G video tracking and remote video panic button etc also vehicle management/download software to manage 1000s of vehicles.
Wifi downloads and future WIMAX will be used for uploading public transport advertising clips (which is also a feature of the system).

We can supply a basic system for your vehicle or an advanced custom planned solution for your large fleet of vehicles. (Motor vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft)
Some of our products
VSS-LE 1000 DVR Earth
DVR Earth
DVR Earth -A global fleet application software-Mobile DVR with Google Earth!
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